PowerPoint Presentation Making Competition by Edunationonline: Register by July 28

About the Organisation

Edunationonline is an E-School, started on Instagram by Ms. Emi Grace Rajendran and she is the Sole Founder of this online Organisation. She believes in providing knowledgeable content in exchange for a minimum registration fee she collects for supporting the education of the underprivileged students. She partners with various Experts from different fields as Knowledge Partner and also Associates with many others as Media partner for her Endeavors. She conducts various Virtual events like: Webinars, Workshops, Competitions and also has branched into the field of Graphic Designing as an Entrepreneur.

She has conducted a few webinars in Nutrition and Diet and has also ventured into the field of Law to provide knowledge testers for the Law Aspirants.

About the Competition 

PowerPoint Presentation Making Competition enables every Participant to bring out their Creativity & Content in the topics listed. This also rewards them for their stunning creation with Rs. 1000 Cash Prize. This competition can be Registered by any school, college students, Academicians, Professionals & Anyone who knows to make a PPT. The Topics are listed below:

Issues Related to Women (Gender Discrimination / Dowry System)

  • Caste System in India
  • Substance's Abuse / Addiction
  • Issues of Poverty & Unemployment
  • Problems of Children
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Education & Technology
  • Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce
  • Ecology & Pollution
  • Social Media & Life
  • Sports
  • Soft Skills.

Anyone of these Topics should be chosen or multiple entries are allowed at Rs. 20 per participant per entry.

Date and Registration Process

Participants are required to Register by 28th July,20.

The Registered Participants are Required to Submit their Entry/ Entries by 30th July,20 before 11:59pm.

Registration Fee : Rs. 20 per participant, per entry.

A participant can register as many times for any of those topics by paying Rs. 20 per entry.


  • The PPT must be created by the Participant.
  • Anyone Topic from the listed topics can be chosen for each entry.
  • The PPT must include minimum 5 slides (excluding welcome & thank you slides).
  • A participant can submit Multiple entries by paying Rs. 20 per entry.
  • The entry mail must include: Name, Age, Institute, Date of Submission, WhatsApp No.
  • Entries must be mailed to onlinecompetitions20@gmail.com on or before 30th July,20 by 11:59pm.


  • Winner will receive Rs. 1000 Cash Prize + Winner Certificate + Free Publication in our Blog for that Entry + Certificate of Publishing from our Blog.
  • Next 4 Candidates will receive Certificate of Excellence + Free Publication for that entry in our Blog + Certificate of Publishing from our Blog.
  • Next 10 Candidates will receive Certificate of Award + Mention on our Official Instagram Page (along with above 5 candidates).
  • All other Registered and Submitted within the Deadline Candidates will receive Certificate of Participation for every Entry.

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Contact Details

For any Queries or Information Write to : onlinecompetitions20@gmail.com

You can Reach out on:

Whatsapp or Phone : 

+91 8778064743 (Edunationonline)

Telegram : +91 9171834503