By Riya Kaushik


Forensic Science is a critical element of today’s Criminal Justice System. The basic purpose of Forensic Science is to examine the evidences collected from the crime scene or from other places by the way of findings during investigation or inquiry. The evolution of Forensic Science has developed a system by which everything can be examined critically and innocent can be protected from being commuted due to lack of means to collect the authenticity of the documents. Forensic has a great impact in the criminal Justice system and the various processes adopted to reach the Justice, two of which are discussed here, viz., DNA Test and NARCO Analysis. Before the evolution of Forensic Science, we didn’t have the means to check the authenticity of the claims made. But now with the development of technology, we have developed a system which proves to be an aid to the proceedings. The aim of this paper is to bring forward to all the necessity of Forensic Science and its impact on DNA Test and NARCO Analysis Test. Firstly, we shall discuss the meaning of different terms which we are going to discuss then we shall study about the impact of forensic science and the evidentiary value of the DNA test and NARCO test.


Forensic science is the use of scientific techniques in the criminal and civil laws. But mainly it is used in the Criminal Justice System. Any Evidence which is examined by using the forensic is considered reliable and is admissible in the court of law. It makes the legal standards for the admissibility of the Evidence.

The process includes the collection, preservation and analyzation of the evidence which needs to be examined. It can be done by going to the crime scene directly by bringing tools at the place of crime or evidences are collected from the crime scene and brought to the laboratory for their examination.

The evidences testified by the Forensic Science are considered as Expert Evidences and can lead to the prosecution and conviction. It is the best way to determine the accuracy and authenticity of the evidences and witnesses.


DNA testing is the process of checking the parenting of the child. But in Nowadays, DNA is not just used for the purpose of determining the parenting, but also there are various ways in which DNA samples can be used.

The Basic use of DNA Testing is to collect the DNA samples and match with the Parents to determine the legitimacy of child. It is done in rare cases. As it leads to solicitation of the Child. The court doesn’t permit DNA testing in every case. Only when there is hardship to either of the parties, then DNA testing is permitted. Because it leads to the character assassination of the child whose DNA test is done for the purpose of determining the parenting of the Child.

DNA Testing is developed with the evolution of Forensic Science. It is an Advance method to resolve the parenting issue.


NARCO Test involves the administration of Drug to the subject and put in a particular condition of Anesthesia for the interrogation purpose. This is done to ensure that the subject shall not lie. Because in a stage of anesthesia, a person is supposed to speak truth only.

During the time of World War II, this technique was used by the physiatrist to treat patients. This is old technique, but now with the development of Forensic Science, its authenticity has been increased.

The drug used during this process can be Sodium pentothal, scopolamine, sodium amytal. But the use of this technique raises some crucial questions such as encroachment of an Individual’s fundamental rights. It is quoted by the Supreme Court to that when Justice of the case requires, the subject can be pressurized to go through the NARCO test, because it is the duty of the correct to protect the innocent.


With the evolution of forensic science, now the DNA samples not only used for the purpose of determining parenting, but there are various purposes to fulfill which DNA samples are being used.  Now the DNA samples are used to identify the criminals also.

Forensic Department maintains the data of all the samples so far collected by them with their Identity. Now, with the help of this, criminals can be identified easily and quickly. It is useful to identify the people who are in a particular crime.

The forensic Science has a great impact on the evidentiary value of DNA testing. It increases the credibility of the information and evidences. The test done at well equipped forensic lab is considered more reliable than the report generated out the test done at a normal laboratory.

The DNA test done using forensic science is given the evidentiary value of an expert in the legal stance.


NARCO Analysis test involves putting the subject into a condition in which it can speak nothing but truth only. Forensic Science helps in the recreation of the crime scene. The developed system of technology makes it easier it to remove the vulnerability of facts.

The information collected from the NARCO test can be analysed further by the Forensic techniques. NARCO test has always been questioned on its authenticity. It is always claimed that it not 100% accurate. Some subjects make false statements during the NARCO test. But here forensic plays an important role. It helps to remove the speculation of what prospected to be happened or not. It analyses the data collected and apply it to recreate the crime scene, which helps to establish its accuracy.


According to the view of author, Forensic science plays a vital role in providing Justice in the present criminal Justice System. It has great impact on the Judiciary system. It has changed the way of identifying and evaluating evidences. It aids to all other mediums used for determining the authenticity of the evidences and witnesses.

It helps in recreating the crime scene again and present an visualization of what could have had happened to the nearest probability with accuracy more than any other medium of determination of authenticity.

The Evidences approved by the Forensic science are considered as the expert evidences and are given greater credibility during the proceedings. The conviction can also be done on the basis of forensic evidence because they are so accurate in their results.



To conclude the discussion, we can say that evolution of Forensic Science has led us to the modern Judicial System in which we have techniques which can determine the authenticity and accuracy of things and people which one can not see from naked eyes, also which is difficult to determine by application of Human mind. It is an aid to the means used to reach justice and to provide justice to the innocent.

The Evidentiary value of DNA testing and NARCO Analyses were also discussed. However, the Evidentiary value of DNA testing is more than NARCO test. Because NARCO test is most of the time criticized for the violation of Human rights and fundamental rights provided by the constitution of India.

However, one thing which is common among both that these tests are used only when there is need of the expert opinion regarding anything and when circumstances of the case require so. The supreme court has also held this in its various judgements that the use of these forensic science technology must be used when there is hardship to either of the parties and when the case requires so. Because it is the duty of the court to preserve the rights of the individuals and they can not be compromised in any of the situation