Lex Scripta Magazine of Law and Policy Call for Editors 2022.


About Lex Scripta : Magazine of Law and Policy 

Lex Scripta commenced in 2022 as a student initiative. It is a brand-new platform for students to conduct and engage in legal research and to contemplate upon burning legal issues and allied disciplines. 

Founded by enthusiastic law students from Amity University Jharkhand , it is a magazine of law and policy. This platform is an opportunity for legal enthusiasts to come up with contemporary legal research. It aims at engaging a wider community of readers and practitioners and to keep them updated with the recent developments in the government policies and the new statute as well as enacted laws coming into existence.

Lex Scripta Magazine of Law and Policy relies on the academic contributions by its authors with an aim of encouraging more readers to participate in return of more views. We aspire to provide a healthy environment for learning and growing. We pay regards to our constant supporters and readers and humbly request them to sustain the support and provide honest feedback so that there is always enough room for improvements as this would in turn aid us to remain steadfast in the path we have chosen.

Our mission 

Lex scripta aims to cover various articles which talk about the current legal system and all the laws that are being enacted by the legislature and the reasons behind the same. Here on this platform, we aspire to come up with all burning legal matters that are prevailing in the Indian legal system and society. We intent to make law students and legal enthusiasts to ponder upon the burning legal issues.

Our vision 

Lex scripta aspires to reach as many people as it can and provide them with relevant legal updates. The articles under this magazine aim to be simple and yet very informative so that every person unrelated to a legal field finds the articles easy to be understood. Our articles are inspired by the works of renowned advocates and top notch professors of our university. This magazine aims to cover as many legal informations as possible and intents to attract as many people as possible and help them to get to know about the legal updates and issues prevailing in the current legal scenario. The motive is to make people aware of the legal happenings in the society. We aspire to achieve the aim of making each and every citizen of our country aware of their legal rights. Hence we focus on the current burning legal topics and the articles are very much oriented towards being simple , informative yet easy to understand. 

Call For Editors

We are inviting applications   for  the position of  editors. We are not  doing any kind of business related  to the magazine. Hence no salary will be provided to the editors. The website  developing work is under process it will be  ready soon as possible after getting all the suitable candidate  for this post.    The selected editors  will be contacted for further  steps that is necessary. Interested one have to fill the google survey form. Our team will  contact one by one.  An editor can be any one  an advocate, faculty, researcher etc. There formal pic will be uploaded to the website and   if any paper come they have to review the paper if he or she will be busy then it will be shifted to other editors.


Contact-  Founder and Publisher – Mr. Riday Mukherjee (9523167962) Amity Law School.

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