Call for Blogs by SymBLawg, SLS Nagpur [No Fee]: Submissions on a Rolling Basis

The SymBLawg, Research & Publication Cell, SLS Nagpur, is calling for submission in the form of a Call for Blogs on a rolling basis.

About Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur is a constituent of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Pune which fosters an environment in legal education and legal research.

About Research & Publication Cell

Researching is among the basic elements of every lawyer’s toolkit. To equip the students with the fundamentals of research, the Research and Publication Cell of Symbiosis Law School Nagpur is constituted.

This is the sole body in-charge for bringing on campus the opportunities and people that are significant to the field of research. The fundamental responsibility of introducing the students to constructive researching, collating data and its representation by way of effective writing is that of the Research &
Publication Cell.

Research and Publication Cell aims to inculcate and nurture traits like probing and thinking, and skills like writing, organizing, data collecting, and interpretation among the students. It provides a platform to
the students to showcase their skills in the form of articles, write-ups and other creative modes.

One of the objectives of the Cell is to identify new trends in various academic domains and develop the capacity to converge it for legal enrichment. 

About SymBLawg

SymBLawg” stems from the collective endeavor of the Research & Publication Cell of Symbiosis Law School Nagpur, to introduce a new and much-awaited platform for the students to unleash their creativity and showcase their talent on our very own BLOG- “SymBLawg”.

It follows a thematic approach and presents the students with an opportunity to research diverse legal aspects with a number of unique themes. It has a two-fold objective. It strives to acquaint its audience with legal opinions and analysis on contemporary issues of legal significance which reflect the perspective of budding legal professionals.

Simultaneously, it serves as a platform for the students to voice their opinions and showcase their
analytical skills coupled with creativity, and gain recognition in and out of our institute.

Publication Fee

No Publication or Registration Fee.

Theme & Topic

The authors are encouraged to write on any field of law. They may interrelate their submissions with significant aspects of various other areas, like-Political Science, Economics, Entertainment Business Studies, etc., to make their content synthesized and multifaceted.

The expectation from the authors is to provide insight or critical analysis of any issue or topic of law on which they intend to write.

Blog Submission Guidelines

  1. The submissions should be within the purview of Law compassed with other fields and academic domains. If you’re dubious about your topic, do write to us seeking clarification regarding the same.
  2. There is no strict word limit, however, we prefer posts of around 1200-1500 words. We strongly recommend that the content should be ORIGINAL and posts be presented in diverse parts along with formality, for better readability. 
  3. The Blog must be submitted in English language only and must be in Microsoft Word Format (.doc/.docx).
  4. Only one submission per author is permitted. Co-authorship is permitted to a maximum of two authors per Blog.
  5. The essay must not exceed 10% of Plagiarism. Any Blog exceeding the limit will attract immediate disqualification.
  6. Submissions should not contain offensive, abusive, derogatory, or potentially defamatory content.
  7. The last date for accepting submissions for this edition would be January 10, 2023.

Publication Policy

All the submissions received will undergo scrutiny by the editorial team and necessary changes required for the publication will be informed to the authors. The decision of the editorial team will be final and binding. On publication, all literary rights to the submission are transferred to the Research & Publication Cell, SLS Nagpur.


  • All the authors whose submissions are published on the Blog will receive an e-certificate of publication.
  • The best submission in the form of Editor’s Pick will receive an e-certificate of merit.

How to Submit?

Submissions are to be made through the Google form for which the link is provided below.

Contact Information

For any query, you are requested to contact the coordinators.

  • Kumar Shivam:
  • Pragya Sinha:
  • Naman Goyal:

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