Virtual Internship Opportunity at Civis: Apply by Oct 26!


About Civis

At Civis, we believe it is you who know what’s best for your community. We are building a bridge between citizens and Governments, to ensure that people’s voice isn’t just heard but acknowledged and acted upon by those in power.

We present various public policies being worked on by the government on our website, and allow you to share your feedback on them. This feedback gets passed on to the relevant authorities. We believe that it is essential that dialogue between citizens and government remains vibrant and thriving. Civis gives your opinion the ability to rise above the noise and be registered by your leaders.

By facilitating this back and forth, we keep the spirit of democracy alive as we form a part of a billion-strong citizenry – working together to build this massive project that we call India.

About the Internship Opportunity

We are now accepting applications for our next cohort of the Policy Leaders Internship Programme (November 2022 to January 2023).


3 months

How to Apply


Deadline for application: 26th Oct 2022