International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law by Aligarh Muslim University [Hybrid Mode]: Submit by Dec 15

About Department of Law at Aligarh Muslim University

The Department of Law, at Aligarh Muslim University is one of the oldest departments in India. The teaching of Law in AMU was introduced in the year 1883. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the Founder was greatly impressed by the Programme of Legal Education in British Universities and hence was very keen to have legal education in that pattern in AMU also.

About The Conference

Theme: “Navigating the Intersection of AI and Law “

A wide range of legal and technological experts came together for the International Conference on AI and Law, which was organized by the Faculty of Law at Aligarh Muslim University, to discuss the complex interrelationship between artificial intelligence and the legal domain. The conference’s theme, “Navigating the Intersection of AI and Law ” sought to analyze the complex interactions that exist between these two fields.

The International Conference revolves around the subject matter i.e. AI and the Law. The conference focuses on the following points and these are as follows:

  • Strategic Integration of AI in Legal Practices
  • Navigating Ethical Frontiers
  • Regulatory Strategies for the AI-Driven Legal Future
  • Human-AI Synergy in Legal Practice
  • Shaping the Future of Legal Education
  • AI and Access to Justice
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration for a Sustainable Legal Future
  • Showcasing Innovation
    By entering the conference around the theme of ” Unraveling the Tapestry: Navigating the Intersection of AI and Law,” participants can engage in discussions that span technology, ethics, regulation, education, access to justice, and collaborative efforts to shape a balanced and sustainable future for AI and law.


2.30 pm (9 a.m. GMT/5 p.m. SGT onwards)

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: AI and Law Conference 2024 We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the AI and Law Conference 2024, a premier international event dedicated to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and the law. The conference aims to bring together legal professionals, scholars, technologists, and policymakers to discuss and shape the future of AI in the legal landscape. Some of the suggested themes which can be used to produce the article or the research

Foundations of AI in Legal Practices:

  • Operational efficiency through AI
  • Transformative impact on legal research

Ethical Considerations in AI:

  • Ensuring fairness and accountability
  • Ethical considerations in AI development

Regulatory Strategies for the AI-Driven Legal Future:

  • Navigating global regulatory landscapes
  • Addressing legal challenges posed by AI

Human-AI Collaboration and Shaping the Future:

  • Augmented intelligence in legal practice
  • Integrating AI into legal education

AI and Access to Justice:

  • Improving access for underserved populations
  • Building trust in AI-driven legal processes

Interdisciplinary Collaboration for a Sustainable Legal Future:

  • Fostering collaboration between legal experts and technologists
  • International initiatives shaping a harmonized global approach

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Abstracts: 15/12/2023
  • Submission Deadline: 31/12/2023
  • Notification of Acceptance: 15/01/2024
  • Conference Dates: 23-24, January 2024

Submission Guidelines

  • We invite original research papers and articles relevant to the conference themes.
  • Submissions should be in English and adhere to the specified format guidelines
  • All submitted papers will undergo a rigorous peer-review process.

Submission Procedure

Please make submissions via this mail:
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