Harassing Husband Publicly, Portraying Him As 'Womanizer' Extreme Cruelty: Delhi High Court Upholds Divorce


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Court observed.

It said that the wife used the child as a weapon and totally alienated him from the husband.

The court observed that such acts which happened in a span of about six years that the couple spent together, proved that the husband was subjected to cruelty and harassment which was sufficient to create mental agony and trauma in his mind to the extent that he at times even thought of committing suicide.

“In the present case as well, the child has not only been totally alienated, but has also been used as a weapon against the father. Nothing can be more painful for a parent to see the child drifting away and being totally against the father. This assumes some significance in the light that the father never failed to provide as required for the child,” the court said.

Title: X v. Y 2023 Del HC