Call For Blogs by Centre for Maritime Law, NLU Odisha: Rolling Submissions


About the University

National Law University Odisha, the prestigious institution is situated at the confluence of the Mahanadi and the Kathajodi rivers in the Millennium City or the Silver City of Cuttack. This legal temple was established by Act IV of 2008 by the Odisha State Legislature.

The institution since its inception in 2008 has continuously endeavored towards thriving excellence and producing bright minds in the legal and other associated arenas. It has painted a blazing picture of cultural diversity as being a pan-India institute and equally treating all students to realize their true potential. Academic as well as non-academic co-curricular activities have been given proportionate importance for the overall development of the students.

About CML

The Centre for Maritime Law was established in 2015 to build a center of excellence and research in the field of maritime law in India. The Centre identifies first and foremost, that the statutes that govern maritime law were adapted from foreign states and don’t address the concerns about the field appropriately, as the Indian trade practices are relatively different from those of foreign states. Also, under the Indian maritime law regime, there has been a lack of timely amendments and proper implementation and hence most of the laws are outdated and are not equipped to deal with modern complications.

Keeping in mind the complications that perforate the Indian maritime law regime, the Centre has been analyzing the foreign case laws, statutes, and their relevancy to the Indian jurisdiction. The Centre is currently working on Indian statutes, case laws, international treaties, and conventions about maritime law and seeks to crystallize the current maritime jurisprudence in India.

About the Blog

The Indian Maritime Industry is growing at a fast rate and it has been predicted to be one of the most important contributors to the Indian economy in the times to come.

The Blog intends to provide the latest developments in the Indian Maritime industry as well as recent updates about the admiralty law in India. The blog exists as a specialist research and professional platform to support and promote research and teaching of the highest standard in international shipping and trade law.

The blog intends to act as an outlet not only for the Centre but also for the legal community and viewers of the blog as a whole willing to express their views and interests on important or trending maritime legal issues.

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Submission Guidelines

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Guidelines for Contributions

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