Internship Opportunity at Together - We Can. We Will !!, Apply Now

About Organisation

Together – We Can. We Will !! a non-governmental organisation (NGO), known for the welfare of the underprivileged and conducting law seminars and conferences across the country. 
Uptil now Together – wcww has organised various programs such as Cloth Donation Drive (in areas of GTB Nagar, Model town and Wazirpur village), Free Oxygen 'can' in areas of Delhi and Delhi- NCR, Free legal aid services, making people aware of their rights and protecting them from being exploited from middle men and other non-ethical conducts of various government officials. Apart from this, as of now we have conducted many seminars for young law students to help them build an understanding of law and how advocacy and litigation are different from what is being taught in law books.

About the Internship

The candidates shall be engaged in research work, handling website, social  media  platforms, and content writing for the organisation. The interns will be provided with a contemporary legal/non-legal issues to write upon. The best write-up will be published on our website.

Interns Required

A total 10 interns will be appointed. This limit is not rigidly followed. The positions are unpaid.


Work from home. (Online)

Who can apply

The candidate should be studying in undergraduate program (preferably in first-third year of his/her course).


8 weeks

How to apply

The interested students can send can fill the form

Important Information

Best interns are recruited as members of our organisation.


The interns will get an E-certificate on successful completion of the internship. The interns will also get proper recognition for their published work in the form of separate E-certificate of publication. WE PUBLISH ONLY UN-PLAGIARIZED ARTICLES/RESEARCH PAPER ON OUR WEBSITE. The best intern will be acknowledged with a E-certificate at the end of the internship based upon the performance of the intern.

For further details contact:

Anmol Arora: +91-8130773086
Ishaan Garg: +91-8851742417