Together collaborated with Teach for India (TFI) and helped them improve their standards of teaching and provided them with trained volunteers to help them organize a small competition for school students. The competition consisted of various sub events like: Spell bee, Dance competition, Yoga, Meditation, etc. 

About TFI

Shaheen Mistri’s, the founder of TFI, believes that only a people’s movement can ensure children’s quality education. Since 2009, TFI identifies and recruits bright candidates as fellows every year. Fellows commit to teaching low-income schools for two years. They enable the holistic development of students, and also make an impact on the school and community through their initiatives. At the end of two years, fellows are equipped with leadership skills and a deep understanding of the educational system. Today, alumni of the fellowship occupy positions of influence where they have the power to initiate macro level changes.
With a presence in 7 cities where 1,100 fellows are shaping the lives of 38,000 students, TFI is ensuring children receive education and at the same time building dynamic young leaders.

View glimpse of the competition