Together collaborated with IYC (Indian Youth Congress) and organised a debate competition under the banner of Rajiv Gandhi Talent Show (3rd - 4th October). The two day event consisted of more than 100 students competing with each other on the topic "Impact of NDA policies on Indian Economy". The competition was organised to enable students to succinctly express themselves in a way that is clear to those around them, using arguments that are persuasive. The main aim was to help a child refine and hone his/her arguments so they are more acceptable to those listening. 

The benefits of debating are as follows:
  1. Improved critical thinking skills
  2. Pupils acquire better poise, speech delivery, and public speaking skills
  3. Increased student retention of information learned
  4. Improved listening note-taking skills and increased self-confidence
  5. Enhanced teamwork skills and collaboration
  6. More confidence to stand up for the truth when a discussion is promoting falsehoods or inaccuracies
  7. Learning better ways to graciously state one’s point with gentleness
  8. Helping students identify holes in their theories and concocting more balanced arguments
  9. Helping students better structure their thoughts
  10. Debating is lots of fun
The competition concluded on 4th october with declaring the state winner. The winner of the competition was awarded a cash prize of Rs 10,000 along with a beautiful momento. After declaring the winners, the stage was given to judges and they presented their findings during the competition. Thereafter prominent leaders from congress party like Krishna Allavaru concluded the debate competition emphasizing about importance of such competitions in today's time.

View the glimpse of the debate