Be The Reason Behind Someone's Smile

On 25th December 2019, one could witness a lot of happy faces in Ashok Vihar area. Yes, it was "Be The Reason Behind Someone's Smile -Happiness Basket" drive by Together. Students, Professors, Well- off families, all came together and helped us making this drive a success. The Happiness Basket was open to all kinds of donations, be it a Re 1 pencil to providing ration to the underprivileged family.

Public Feast

The public feast commonly known as 'BHANDARA', Apart from donating daily essentials like wheat, rice and oil, we also organised a grand Public Feast for the needy. The feast consisted of delicious curry chawal along with mong dal Halwa. All the volunteers worked very hard in distributing the food. All the vegetables and other raw materials necessary for making the feast was also arranged by Together volunteers. Even during distribution of food, volunteers pursuaded by passers and other slum dwellers to reap the benefit of their feast. All the expenses of organizing the feast came form the funds collected by Team Together from it's previous event, i.e. Art of Advocacy Skills workshop. The feast fed nearly 5,000 people, which majorly included poor people belonging to lower strata of our society. The feast came to an end at around 5:00 PM. 

The efforts of together were also appreciated by Mira Aggarwal, Mayor NDMC also she pledged a donation of Rs 1000 for future donation drives by Together. 
After the public feast, all the volunteers of TOGETHER sat together 😃 and had Lunch at the house of Founder, Mr. Ishaan Garg, which was followed by deserts and high tea.